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:: Wednesday, June 30 ::

believe it or not. i have been able to, now and then, make myself useful. i have been applying to some newspaper jobs. out of town. out of state. way out of region. i stayed up until five am the other night finishing up an elaborate package, consisting of a cd portfolio and a print book to go along with it. so i could overnight it so it could be there today. the deadline.

so. in case, you know, none of that works. ive update my website so the editors can just go online if they dont feel like looking at any of the things i slaved about thirteen hours over. heh. no hard feelings.

anyway. whats there is an exact copy of the portfolio thats on the cd. and in the book. in later weeks, the website will become something different altogether and will (finally!) have my resume, various categories of portfolios and a few other things, but i wanted to get something basic up for the jobs im applying for right now.

for some reason, the last page contact link isnt working for me, but i know the (embarassingly basic) coding is right. and i know safari can be wierd like that. so if any of you would like to go take a look and tell me if anything is or isnt working for you and your browser, that would be ever so helpful.

:: caroline 4:10:00 PM [+] ::
:: Monday, June 21 ::
i know there are at least a couple of you still reading. so. just so you know. ive updated my journal with a whole truckload of new entries from the past couple of months. that i never got around to posting.

see. im still kicking.

:: caroline 2:58:00 PM [+] ::

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