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:: Monday, September 30 ::

melissa. who, it seems to me now, never ceases to amaze. has herself a gorgeous page up at photocolumn.org.

:: caroline 10:43:00 PM [+] ::
im in need of a roadtrip. badly.

unfortunately, given the present condition of my car, it probably wont make it out of massachusetts.

so itll have to wait.

but someday soon. very soon.

anyone with me?

:: caroline 5:05:00 PM [+] ::
:: Tuesday, September 24 ::
todays quote snagged from andreas sig. i havent seen the movie yet. but this quote struck me.

"if pictures have anything to say, it's this: i was here, i existed. i was young and happy and someone cared enough about me to take my picture." -sy parrish 'one hour photo'

:: caroline 11:39:00 PM [+] ::
:: Thursday, September 19 ::

:: caroline 1:29:00 AM [+] ::
im doing it again. i always do this. stalling. going to bed. i dont know why.

i havent been sleeping well. for weeks. or months. last night i slept four hours. and now. after a long day. its late. too late. and i should be in bed.

but instead.

im up. reading diaries. and blogs. and emails. and looking at photographs. and for a goddamn car. before mine drops dead.

my train of thought. these days. is going something like this.

i like this one...no no no, cant get that big four wheel drive. we cant have two gas guzzling suv's. okay how about this one? no no no, cant get that little convertible. the one thats been my dream car for years. its the right price. sure. but i need something practical. and practical. in my neck of the woods. means four wheel drive. and yes folks. we are back to square one. and the only thing ive learned is that im too picky.

:: caroline 1:27:00 AM [+] ::
:: Tuesday, September 17 ::
screw you, stevekerr1. screw. you.

:: caroline 9:00:00 PM [+] ::
im bidding on a car on ebay (what am i, crazy?) the auction ends in 14 minutes. presently, im the highest bidder. im just waiting for some creep to slink in and outbid me in the last twelve seconds or something.

*crossing all crossables*

please god. im a good person. really i am. ill go to church this weekend. i swear i swear i swear i will. just please let me win this car.

hey a little prayer cant hurt right?

i need a new car so so badly.

and im hoping my computer doesnt crash. as it seems to be so keen on doing just when im in the middle of something important.

:: caroline 8:33:00 PM [+] ::
:: Sunday, September 15 ::
todays quote:

"if you treat a girl like a dog, she's going to piss on you" -courtney love

do i hear an amen?

:: caroline 11:15:00 PM [+] ::
:: Friday, September 13 ::
in case youre interested. you can read all about how much i hated high school in this weeks friday five. over at the journal.

:: caroline 11:12:00 PM [+] ::
:: Thursday, September 12 ::
this morning i woke up from another stunningly real nightmare. feeling horrible and depressed. its one of those days where i wish i could escape. just step out of my life for a while. become someone else. someone stable. and happy. and healthy. and well-adjusted.

and well. the closest i can get to that. is getting out of town. so im going to see a movie this afternoon. at the little theater in south county. and im going to sit in the dark of the theater. and become invisible. and lost. and forget about everything. until the lights go up.

:: caroline 11:28:00 AM [+] ::
:: Wednesday, September 11 ::
i havent said anything here today. because i dont feel like theres anything to say. except that ill never forget where i was. what i was doing. and how i found out. on this day last year.

im back from maine. ill write more soon.

:: caroline 10:54:00 PM [+] ::
:: Tuesday, September 3 ::
so after finally getting all of my stuff together to send to this new job in maine. portfolio, resume, cover letter, references, cut lines sheet. i call today to speak to the managing editor. who it turns out is on vacation until next tuesday. and the woman who answers his phone tells me that she thinks they already offered the job to someone but they are waiting on her acceptance. and nothing is official until mr managing editor gets back anyway.

i didnt think id get it. but i thought i would have a shot. its a small paper, slightly larger than the one i presently work for. and i was keeping my fingers crossed i guess. because it was in an area i wanted to be in.

i was hoping to drop my stuff off to him. to see him and say hello this is who i am and this is my stuff and i was just in the neighborhood so i wanted to bring you me. in an envelope of papers and cds. now. im disappointed. but im still going to drop my stuff off next week. and still cross my fingers. and hope the person with the offer gets hit by a bus a better offer somewhere else or something.

:: caroline 3:57:00 PM [+] ::
:: Sunday, September 1 ::
'happy september to you' he (with he equalling my editor) said when i walked into the office around 2pm today. after the morning hike up mount greylock with a bunch of college freshman.

and it was only then. that i realized. its september!

'and happy september to you,' i said 'white rabbits'

:: caroline 10:24:00 PM [+] ::
quote of today:

"In the wild, bears don’t ride bicycles, tigers don’t jump through fiery hoops, and elephants don’t stand upright on their hind legs." - read on circuses.com.

you should head over there yourself if youre at all interested in what goes on. or even if you think you already know what goes on.

:: caroline 4:05:00 PM [+] ::
it makes me happy, and admittedly a touch hopeful, that this guy was allowed to join the party.

truth is good.

:: caroline 3:37:00 PM [+] ::

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