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:: Friday, August 30 ::

oh. my. god.

i woke up this morning and my favorite magazine was in the mailbox waiting for me. as i flipped through it, i couldnt believe my eyes. on page 78. my little town. the town i live in. is featured! not only is it featured actually. theres a whole story about it. and photographs too. of streets i drive on ten times a day. and places i go for lunch. and in the lower right is a picture of my friend paige's vintage store. yay yay yay!

if anyones curious, its the september issue. the one with spain on the front.

*much excitement*

:: caroline 3:06:00 PM [+] ::
after way too long, i finally finished the book! aaahh!

:: caroline 10:26:00 AM [+] ::
:: Thursday, August 29 ::
quote outrage of the day:

"animals just arent as valuable as human beings" - said by prosecutor wendy murphy on msnbc

:: caroline 9:22:00 PM [+] ::
:: Tuesday, August 27 ::
my quote for today is a song.

'breakdown' by melissa etheridge

how could i stay
how could i breathe
there had to be more for me
promises gone
plastic and stone
i'm doing fine all alone

so you're having a breakdown
so you're losing the fight
so you're having a breakdown
and i'm driving and crying
unraveled and flying
i'm coming to your breakdown tonight

i cannot run
i cannot hide
it came with me locked inside
the bough will break
cradle will fall
it only takes one call

so you're having a breakdown
so you're losing the fight
so you're having a breakdown
and you need me tonight
i found my place in this downtown
salt air and yellow street lights
so you're having a breakdown
and i'm driving and crying
unraveled and flying
i'm coming to your breakdown tonight

:: caroline 12:42:00 PM [+] ::
:: Sunday, August 25 ::

im wondering.

am i the only damn fool in history to cry during 'the majestic'?

:: caroline 6:27:00 PM [+] ::
todays blurb:

"I think G*d has a big ass sense of humor. And frequently speaks through Garth Brooks songs." -cubegirl said it.

and for the record. my take on the matter. if anyone cares. there are no coincidences. everything. and i do mean everything. happens for a reason. sad as it is sometimes.

:: caroline 6:21:00 PM [+] ::
:: Wednesday, August 21 ::
warm night. lying on the grass. under the stars. watching the muppet movie on the big screen. just a short walk from home. is there anything better?

:: caroline 11:29:00 PM [+] ::
quote of today:

"life sucks - go buy a helmet." said by bob croslin (read this morning in an email to a list im on)

:: caroline 9:28:00 AM [+] ::
:: Monday, August 19 ::
[i wrote this last night and posted it to a list im on]

i met an amazing woman tonight. an assignment for work. i drove two towns away, just past the state border, to photograph her and the new house for a story one of our reporters is working on. this woman. she is starting an end-stage AIDS house, called the chrysalis community in honor of her brother who died fifteen years ago from the disease. her name is sunshine and theres no better way to describe her than that. i cant explain the spirit in her face and surrounding her. in june i covered the candlelight ceremony but didnt meet sunshine. the house is almost done and should be open, with at least one resident, by october. 'this is absolutely what i was put here to do. to help people on their way out of this world' is just a part of what she said that touched me. as i drove away from the house, i turned around to get a final glimpse of the giant LOVE sign out front illuminated on the hillside. its as clear as day from route 7. i left feeling nothing but awe. directed toward this woman. i got back to the office and went through the 119 pictures i took, still not really believing what i had just experienced. the kindness. the outpouring. im still awed by her. i really dont know how to put it all into words.

and now its after midnight. and i still have small sticky rhinestones around my eyes. "happiness for the face" she said as she kissed them and hugged me goodbye.

:: caroline 3:03:00 PM [+] ::
:: Tuesday, August 13 ::
theres actually a happy entry over at the journal. thankyouverymuch.

:: caroline 10:30:00 PM [+] ::
:: Thursday, August 8 ::

which mr. men/little miss are you?
take the quiz & find out!

:: caroline 1:55:00 PM [+] ::
:: Wednesday, August 7 ::
todays quote of the day is embarassingly brought to you courtesy of coral, from 'the real world: back to new york' because i came home from work for an hour this afternoon and it was on. and i wasnt watching it. i was upstairs. but i heard her say this. so this is it.

"no matter how far down the wrong path youve gone, you can always turn back"

is that true?

:: caroline 10:57:00 PM [+] ::
:: Friday, August 2 ::
theres nothing. nothing. like having a front tooth-less seven year old say 'i love you, aunt carrie' in your ear as you walk together holding hands. and theres nothing. like hearing a fifteen month old, who just got his very first haircut, laugh when you tickle him. or hearing your 90 year old grandmother thank you for the journal gift. because shes always wanted to write her autobiography. and now shes going to start. theres nothing like family. to break you out of any kind of sadness you might be in the middle of. even if it is just for the night.

i think my just-turned-seven-and-has-no-front-teeth neice is my very favorite person in this entire world.

:: caroline 10:40:00 PM [+] ::
am i the only person thats annoyed that its already august?

ps: happy 90th birthday (its today) to my kick-ass gram!!

:: caroline 12:12:00 AM [+] ::

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